March 6, 2017

Women’s Competitive Sweep 2016 Recap

Women’s Competitive Sweep 2016 Recap

*Registration for the 2017 season opens this morning at 9am. Today we take our last look back at the 2016 season. Thanks to Alex Braun, Grace Tran, and Jenn Bright for this recap of the Women’s Competitive Sweep team’s 2016 season!

The competitive sweep rowing women raised the bar in 2016 and had one of their best seasons to date. The team added a few new women at the beginning of the year, which rounded out the program’s depth and ability to race in Open and Master’s category races (A-D).

In summer 2016, the team competed in almost every local regatta and had wins and strong finishes at each. Successes from the summer season were even noted in the local newspaper. The highlight of the sprint season was Masters’ Nationals in Worcester, MA. The team took 1st place in the Open C4+, Club C4+, and Open C2-; 2nd place in the Open B4+ and Club B4+; and 3rd in the Open C8+ and Open B2- and saw strong heat and semi performances in the A4+, B8+ and A8+ and D4+ categories. As a team, we defended our titles and raised Alexandria’s profile in other events!

In September, the team returned to focus on the long haul – the 5k. Head race season saw ACR at every possible venue: the Christina, the Potomac, the Occoquan, the Charles, the Schuylkill, and the Chattahoochee. The team gathered more gold at every regatta, including WM4+ at the Head of the Potomac, WM8+ and WM4+ at the Head of the Christina, and WM4+ in all age categories (30+, 40+ and 50+) and WM8+ at the Occoquan Chase.

At the Head of the Charles, the WM4+ went for revenge and took gold from Minneapolis after a two-year rivalry. The WM8+ also made an impressive showing during that stormy regatta. The team took gold in the WM4+ and WD8+, and bronze in the WB8+ and W2- at the Head of the Schuylkill. The grand finale “down south” at the Head of the Hooch netted gold for one of the three WM4+ crews, second place for the WM2- and a third place finish for the WM8+.

2016 was a fantastic year, and we’re excited to get back to chasing gold this year in all categories!