February 27, 2017

Men’s Competitive Sweep 2016 Recap

Men’s Competitive Sweep 2016 Recap

*Registration for the 2017 season opens in a week. While we excitedly wait for the new season to begin, we will be taking an opportunity to look back on highlights from the 2016 season. First up is the Men’s Competitive Sweep Team.

During 2016, the ACR Men’s Competitive sweep team found themselves once more building upon the previous season’s achievements. Although the team “lost” a couple of rowers early in the season the numbers were made up by new recruits who more than added to the strength of the program. The team also enjoyed the company of a number of ACR Summer Student members who chose to row and race with us. In addition, there was an increase in the team’s participation as competitive scullers with a number of successes at the many regattas in which we competed. And the team individually and collectively benefitted from additional coaching from Mike Porterfield whose insight and experience helped a great deal in building the confidence needed to keep up the momentum that will take everybody into the 2017 season.

The “many regattas” saw medals won at VBC Masters Sprints, Row for the Cure DC, Occoquan Memorial Sprints, Wye Island, Head of the Anacostia, and Head of the Occoquan. There were of course the usual number of the “we almost got it” races which might be thought of as a disappointment but the general feeling of being able to go head to head with our local and regional rivals was very satisfying. Further afield, it was particularly pleasing to see a return to the Head of the Schuylkill and a strong bronze medal finish for the Men’s Masters eight. In addition, the team was successful this year in its bid for the Head of the Charles. A 40+ eight performed with great credit in Boston in a very tough category under the leadership of both a novice coxswain and a novice stroke.

Last but certainly not least the team welcomed into the world two potential rowers for the future: Leif Parker (Baby Thor) Thoreen and Evelyn Grace (Evie) Atkinson. Congratulations to Bjorn and Char and to Scott and Kerri!