February 5, 2016

Competitive Sculling 2015 Recap

Competitive Sculling 2015 Recap

As we continue to power through winter conditioning workouts and anticipate the 2016 season, we will be taking a few opportunities to look back on some highlights from the 2015 season. This week’s entry comes from the competitive sculling team.

ACR Competitive Sculling continued to build on past achievements during summer 2015, medaling at the Stonewall Regatta and Capital Sprints in Washington, DC; Diamond States in Delaware; and the Independence Day Regatta held in Philadelphia, PA. Austin Ditz and Kelly Allen began the season with a first place finish in the Mixed 2x at Stonewall. Then, at Capital Sprints, Kelly Allen and Lori Criado took first place in the Women’s 2x, while Lori Criado also took first in the Women’s Masters 1x. Sarah Kimbrough demonstrated the power of clean technique as she won the Women’s Masters 1x in extremely rough waters at Charm City Sprints, where she was one of few brave rowers to complete the course.

Diamond States brought a second place in the Mixed 2x (Kelly Allen and Austin Ditz), and first and second places in the Women’s Masters 1x (Lori Criado and Allix Wilde). A composite crew of Lori Criado and Michelle Nielsen (Capital) took first in the Women’s Masters 2x as well.

At the multi-day Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia, the competitive sculling team took first place in the Women’s Masters 1x (Lori Criado) and second to an elite Vesper crew in the Women’s Masters 2x (Allix Wilde and Lori Criado) while also competing in the Intermediate 4+ (Anne Mikolajewski, Stephanie Patton, Allix Wilde, and Lori Criado).

Fall 2015 proved to be just as successful as the summer with medals earned at all the regattas the team attended. The highlight of the season was the famed Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, where several scullers competed in different events. Anne Mikolajewski led Temple Alumni as the stroke of its Women’s Alumni 8+, while Allix Wilde returned as a member of the Yale Alumni crew. Lori Criado finished fourth of 19 competitors in the Women’s Masters 1x and finished 6th with a composite crew in the Director’s Challenge Mixed 4x.

Locally, in the Women’s 2x, Kelly Allen and Lori Criado finished second at the Occoquan Challenge and third at the Occoquan Chase in October. The Head of the Occoquan brought a 1st place in the Women’s Masters 1x (Lori Criado) and a 2nd place in the Women’s 2x (Kelly Allen and Lori Criado). A strong Women’s 4x (Allix Wilde, Anne Mikolajewski, Kelly Allen, and Lori Criado) won the 4x event at the well attended Head of the Occoquan to finish out the season.