2016 Calendar

2016 Events, Races, and Results

Listed below are key dates and regattas the club may attend during the 2016 season. Check with your coach for your team’s racing schedule.

January 30 MidAtlantic Erg Sprints, Alexandria, VA Results
February 28 C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints, Boston, MA Results
March 1 Registration opens
March 13 Annual meeting
March 27 Winter conditioning concludes
March 28 Season begins
April 2-3 San Diego Crew Classic, San Diego, CA Results
June 4 National Learn to Row Day
June 5 Stonewall Regatta, Washington, DC Results
June 18 Schuylkill Navy Regatta, Philadelphia, PA Results
June 18 Virginia Boat Club Sprints Regatta, Richmond, VA Results
June 25 Row for the Cure, Washington, DC Results
July 1-3 Independence Day Regatta, Philadelphia, PA Results
July 9 Capital Sprints, Washington, DC Results
July 10 Occoquan Masters Sprints, Fairfax Station, VA Results
July 23-24 Diamond State Masters Regatta, Middletown, DE Results
August 18-21 US Rowing Masters National Championships, Worchester, MA Results
September 10 Wye Island Regatta Results
September 24 Head of the Anacostia, Washington, DC Results
September 25 Head of the Potomac, Washington, DC Results
October 2 Head of the Christina, Wilmington, DE Results
October 9 Occoquan Challenge, Fairfax Station, VA Results
October 16 Occoquan Chase, Fairfax Station, VA Results
October 22-23 Head of the Charles, Boston, MA Results
October 29-30 Head of the Schuylkill, Philadelphia, PA Results
November 4 Season ends
November 5-6 Head of the Occoquan, Fairfax Station, VA Results 1
Results 2
November 5-6 Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga, TN Results
November 28 Winter conditioning begins


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